Backpackers enjoy fruit picking

By Country News on January 04, 2016

The laid-back lifestyle of the Goulburn Valley has made it a hot spot for backpackers looking for work in harvest labour this picking season.

Backpackers from all over the world visit country Victoria to earn money for their travels and help farmers with harvesting.

Joel Rajala from Finland said it was all part of the experience.

‘‘It’s been good,’’ Mr Rajala said.

‘‘I’m here for the second year of my visa.’’

He said he would rather be paid by the hour than by the bin but enjoyed the travel aspect of fruit picking.

Canadian Daniel Prupez said harvest labour service MADEC provided them with support throughout their stay.

‘‘All we have to do is just come in and go to the front desk and we have help,’’ Mr Prupez said.

Asia is a popular destination for travel and the two men have plans to continue their journeys around the world after working in Australia.

Korean worker Sarah said she came to Australia to study English and earn some money.

‘‘It’s good,’’ Sarah said.

By Country News on January 04, 2016
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